Xerocon 2023 Wrap-up in 2 Minutes

Xerocon 2023 Wrap-up in 2 Minutes

Xerocon Sydney 2023


Xerocon Sydney 2023 – the learning, the connections, the parties …

You can check out my full wrap up blog below. Be warned, it’s quite a read so settle in with a cuppa. Here’s the 2 minute summary.

Learning and innovation: Xerocon is presented as a hub of knowledge and learning opportunities. The event featured sessions led by industry experts and thought leaders, delving into the latest technology and cutting-edge practices that can transform business approaches.

Cultural appreciation: The acknowledgement of Xero’s New Zealand roots through various means, including a Māori performance and “Welcome to Country”, emphasised the importance of cultural appreciate and unity.

Inspired companies: A session led by Lisa MacCallum which focused on the characteristics of inspired companies. The key points including standing for something meaningful, aligning values with actions, and striving for authenticity.

CEO insights: Xero’s new CEO, Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, spoke about purpose and partnership’s significance for small business success. Sukhinder’s background, values, and approach to leadership were highlighted.

AI and automation: Lots of discussions about artificial intelligence (AI) and automation. The evolving role of AI, particularly in enhancing human capabilities rather than replacing them, was emphasised.

Marketing and branding: A panel discussion about effective marketing strategies and branding. The importance of understanding the target audience’s needs, storytelling, and aligning values with marketing efforts.

Talent attraction and retention: We delved into strategies for attracting and retaining talent in the accounting and bookkeeping profession. The importance of onboarding, sharing impact driven stories, and showcasing the value of the profession.

I reflect on my personal experiences from attending Xerocon, noting the engaging energy, relevant conversations, and connections formed with industry peers and leaders. And the party! How about that party??

Check out the full blog here


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