Miss Efficiency StoryMy business started as a knee jerk reaction to a personal tragedy. I soon learned that it wasn’t good enough to be technically adept, I had to be a great business person too. I know all too well the detours and road-blocks that business owners can encounter on the journey of running a business. And that’s where my passion comes from – seeing business owners manoeuvre around those obstacles and forge their own path to run a successful business.

Gym BookkeepingMy business has evolved significantly over the past 15+ years from working from home, to commercial premises, to a purpose built home office; franchising with up to 14 franchisees across Australia at one point; hiring staff and subcontractors; writing a book; and having a couple of babies along the way.

Every business is different, with each business owner taking their own route. Some take the highway, some take a more scenic route with a few detours along the way. And others do a combination of both, with some highway driving and some delightful side trips to keep things interesting.

In my own business journey, there have been some rocky roads, and some beautiful valleys. But it’s a journey I’m still loving after all these years, with the landscape constantly surprising and delighting.

Technology has made the world a much smaller place which means I can service all of my clients from my own office. I price myself on my dedication and time management skills, which allows me to give the time and energy needed for both family and clients.

Whichever route you take, most business owners have the same issues and needs. Bookkeeping may be keeping you stuck on the round-a-bout, so our  Miss Efficiency Storyexpert team can handle this while you enjoy the rest of your journey.



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We’re a team of fun loving adventurers, gym junkies, mums, musicians, animal lovers, theatre goers. We approach work and play with fun, focus, commitment and curiosity, using what we learn in and out of the office to create beautiful numbers for business people just like you.

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