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"When you don't have a skill in something you have to put so much time in trying to learn that skill, it takes away from what you're good at."

For me being able to delegate that to you and have you as a team member has allowed me to focus on what I'm good at. It's allowed me to focus on my strengths and not worry about things I'm not good at.

Jordan Cowen, Anytime Fitness Group

"Everything is just easy – I contact Sarah with what I need and it’s just done."

It means that I can focus on my staff and education and training which is what I’m good at, rather than paperwork which I’m not good at. So it has made a big impact on our business because we don’t need to worry about that aspect of it.

Santina Di Carlo, Juicy Golden Hair Salon

"It just gives me one less thing I have to worry about and lets me focus on what I’m good at doing."

It’s had a really big impact on my business because I don’t have to use that much of my time on things that I’m not very good at so I’m able to focus more of my time and attention on things that I am good at and I’m able to make more money in doing so.

Bree Cowen, iBoutique Micropigmentation

"They're the best in the business."

They've done a brilliant job for me for something like 10 years! Amazing work, organising all my books, figuring out where my receipts are. They keep on your case and they get things done.

Mike Goldman, Media Personality

"Day to day it saves time"

It has been particularly liberating allowing Sarah access to the business' internet banking. Day to day it saves time, plus things don't stop when I go on holiday. Sarah continues raising invoices and following up payments, without my prompting, so I don't face the post-holiday or been-too-busy-to-do-it potentially painful 'cash crunch'.


Samantha Schelling

The Word Co

"Miss Efficiency has been a revelation for our business"


Textor Metal Industries

"If paying attention to your business is important, Miss Efficiency is vital"

If like us, GST, data entry, balancing figures, paperwork, and the like are all too confusing, too time-consuming and seem like a never ending pile of meaningless paper then Sarah and Miss Efficiency is a must. If paying attention to your business and doing what you love to do is important to you then Sarah and Miss Efficiency is vital.

Leigh Johnson

Leigh Johnson Electrical

"Absolutely fantastic"

I find Sarah's professionalism and 'efficiency' in what she does absolutely fantastic. The cost is designed around my business and feasible for me. I have no hesitation in recommending the service of Miss Efficiency for monthly reports, BAS and end of year reporting. The weekly fee is very manageable and affordable.

Steve Rainbow

Articulate Framing

"Taking the stress out of running my business"

Sarah and her team are amazing, always so helpful and they take the stress out of running my business. Miss Efficiency helps me with all my business needs, from preparing wages, BAS, super etc. As a small business owner it means everything to have someone you can trust and rely on. I would highly recommend Sarah and her team.

Santina Fazio

Stelios Papas on Queen Street

"She shares her passion and has a passion for excellence"

Sarah not only understands the dynamics of establishing, growing and running a business, she has the rare ability to share her knowledge and skills with clarity, empathy and a real passion for excellence. The name of her business 'Miss Efficiency', fits her to perfection.

Charlie Maiden

Financial Planner

"We have complete trust in Sarah"

We have complete trust in Sarah and she has full access to our business bank accounts. This means that I don't have to worry about getting bank statements or finding the time to authorise supplier payments. Sarah takes care of all of that for me and has set up a transparent system so we can still see exactly what's going on.

Scott Textor

Textor Metal Industries

"End of financial year is a breeze"

We have been lucky enough to work with Sarah and her team to establish the right systems and procedures. This allows us to focus on our core business and takes the pressure off. By being a registered BAS agent and working directly with our accountants each quarter, end of financial year is a breeze.

Craig Watson, Alkali Fins

"These days, I barely give bookkeeping a second thought"

These days, I barely give bookkeeping a second thought. Regular monthly invoices just happen, BAS preparation is on time, monthly and annual reports are precise and well laid out. I even get timely reminders of documentation needed to meet accounting and BAS deadlines.

Dave Downie, Nugget Media

"Works remotely without interfering with our operations"

Miss Efficiency provides a high level of accurate and timely service in all aspects of bookkeeping for our company. Miss Efficiency is responsive to our inquiries and effectively schedules and accomplishes the work remotely without interfering with our day-to-day operations.

Manuel Siliprandi, Equiline Pty Ltd

"It's best to have someone that actually knows what they're doing."

We've been using Miss Efficiency for the past 10+ years and it has made our business life so much easier. Wages can be a minefield, so it's best to have someone do them for you that actually knows what they're doing. Thanks for all your help Sarah and team.

Tyson Franklin, Proarch Podiatry

"I'm impressed by Sarah's attention to detail and timeliness"

I have been impressed by Sarah's attention to detail and timeliness in providing the required information, and her willingness to attend to any additional requests.

Marie Land, Australian College of Children & Young People's Nurses

"We consider them to be a very important part of our business"

Outback Insulation Pty Ltd has used Miss Efficiency Bookkeeping for many years. Sarah and her team are experts at what they do. We consider them to be a very important part of our business. Highly recommend!!!

Sandy Rodgers, Outback Insulation

"We feel totally comfortable in Sarah's trustworthiness and ability"

We feel totally comfortable in Sarah's trustworthiness and ability and now are able to focus our energy into our business. Sarah is extremely capable and efficient and looks ahead and advises us of important dates that need to be met.

Darren Robinson, Body4U Personal Training