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Three Ways a Bookkeeper Can Save You Money

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Many small business owners think they’re saving money by handling their bookkeeping themselves. While it can be beneficial to learn bookkeeping basics, cash flow management and your tax obligations, hiring a bookkeeper to oversee your accounts has many benefits. Leaving your books to a pro will free up time so you can focus on serving your clients and implementing plans for growth, save you money that you can reinvest back into the business, and give you peace of mind that things are being done right. Here are a few ways a bookkeeper can help you in your business.

A bookkeeper can save you time

Seriously, how long does it take you to do your own bookkeeping? Are you doing your accounts when you would rather be spending time with your family? And are you doing it right or the most efficient way? You went into business to do what you are an expert at, and it’s probably something you love – otherwise why are you doing it? Bookkeeping is our passion. We love to start with a bit of a mess or a puzzle, and put it back together again. This is all that we do, so we’re highly expert at it. We know all the tricks to complete your bookkeeping efficiently, giving you back time to run your business and with your loved ones.

A bookkeeper can improve efficiency

We’re the systems experts. Actually, we’ve written a book about it – you can check it out here. Systems are so important for your business to run better and ultimately have more time and money. Why should knowing we’re using the right tools for the job concern you? If you’re building my house, do I need to know what type of tools you’re using? Do I need to know what you’re sourcing the best materials? Probably not. But I do want to know that you’ve got my best interests at heart and are using the most appropriate tools and the best available materials to get best job done. No different to us.

If you’ve got issues with work flow, what sort of job management system are you using? If you’re having cash flow problems, what sort of payments system are you using? If you’re not sure where all your time is going, what sort of time tracking system are you using? If paying staff just boggles your mind, what sort of HR and payroll system are you using?

We’ve been in the bookkeeping game for over 15 years and there have been a lot of changes in the industry during that time. We know what works for our clients, and what doesn’t. The tools that we use in our business have been tried and tested to ensure your accounts are being handled the most efficiently, and to give you the best outcome. Our preferred software is Xero and it’s a great program for both us as the bookkeeper, and you as the business owner. But when we team Xero up with partners like ReceiptBank and Deputy. … you’re really onto a winner!

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A bookkeeper can find you more money

Now that we’ve freed up some time and implemented some great systems, let’s save you some money. There’s no one more suited to discovering “found” money than a bookkeeper. When we get your bookkeeping sorted and systemised, better record keeping is the easiest way to allow you to quickly see (monthly, weekly or daily) where your money is going. This will allow you to make informed business decisions. Are there some areas where you can cut costs? Do you know which areas of your business are giving you the greatest return? Do you understand the trends and cycles of your business?

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The bottom line? Your bookkeeper can do much more for you than simple data entry and reconciliations. Consider us your outsourced accounts department, working with you for long term growth and success.