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Documented systems and why they’re important

We all know the importance of having documented systems in our business. But many of us are guilty of keeping those systems up in our heads. That’s all well and good until you hire staff and want them to do things the same way as you. Or if you need somebody to step into your shoes while you’re on holiday. Or you sell your business. Nobody knows your business like you do which is why it’s so important to have documented systems.

Top 4 reasons you need documented systems

Happy Staff

I’m sure you remember being the new person at some point and being thrown so much new information that your head was spinning for a few days – or weeks! Think how nice it would have been if there were documented systems to help you learn all these new processes. And as an employer of staff, think about how much more effective and efficient your training of new people is going to be, and how quickly they’ll get up to speed when they can readily refer to your documented systems. This not only makes for a better transition for new staff, but it saves you time and money.

Happy Clients

We all know the ‘McDonald’s formula’. We may not necessarily like the Big Mac, but at least we know exactly what we’re getting. Documented systems generally means there is more consistency of output, which means that you’re going to be keeping your clients happy knowing that no matter who works on their account, they’re going to receive the same level of high service.

Happy Holidays

Running your own business shouldn’t mean that you’re there all the time and can’t get away for holidays. Having documented systems means you can rest assured that whoever is back in the office knows exactly how to keep the cogs of the engine churning while you’re relaxing on a beach somewhere.

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Happy Retirement

So you’ve come to the end of an enjoyable and profitable business and it’s now time to sell up and retire or try your hand at something new. The sale of your business will be more profitable for you when you’re selling documented systems as part of the package. The new owner can feel confident of a smooth transition during the changeover period, and just about business as usual.

These are just a few examples of why it’s important to have documented systems in your business. It’s also a way of plugging any efficiency gaps when your systems are regularly reviewed and procedures updated. If you’d like to chat with us about our experience in developing business systems, contact us today!