Celebrating Father’s Day: Building a Business Around Family, Not Through It

Celebrating Father’s Day: Building a Business Around Family, Not Through It

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads out there! Today we celebrate the dads who have left a lasting impact on our lives and the ones who continue to shape the future. It’s a day to reflect on the significance of family and the precious moments we share with our loved ones.

For busy business owners, finding the balance between work and family can be challenging, but it’s crucial to ensure that your business serves your life, not the other way around. Let’s talk about the importance of running a business around your family, not through it.

Creating Lasting Memories

One of the most valuable gifts we can give our children is our time. Tragically, not everyone gets the opportunity to make cherished memories with their parents. I know this firsthand, as my own children never had the chance to meet my dad, who passed away after a motorbike accident when I was pregnant with Zac. My dad was the ultimate joker and my teenage boys, who are now into whoopie cushions, BB guns and making crude jokes, would now be having a ball with him! And even closer to home, my children have nearly lost both of their parents to medical emergencies on more than one occasion. So our family philosophy is all about creating memories as a family because you just never know how long you’ve got to create them. The memories that we have are irreplaceable, and we cherish them.

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When we run our businesses around our families, we prioritise those moments – be present for school events, family holidays, or just a conversation about their day or the latest game they’re trying to master (although that’s sometimes like a whole other language). These shared experiences become the building blocks of our children’s lives, creating a strong and enduring bond.

Lessons Beyond the Office

Running a business often involves making tough decisions, handling challenges, and adapting to ever-changing circumstances. These experiences can be powerful teaching moments for our children. When they see us in action, they learn resilience, problem-solving, and the value of hard work and a good work ethic.

It’s equally important for them to see that family comes first. When they witness us achieving that balance between work and home life, they learn that balancing the relationship with loved ones is more important than balancing the books.

Leading by Example

As a business owner, our approach to work-life balance sets the tone for our team. By demonstrating the importance of family values, we create a positive work culture that fosters loyalty and dedication. We encourage and support our team to go to that sports day; attend the assembly where your child is earning an award; take the Friday off to enjoy a long weekend camping. Your child may not say it, but they notice. These will be memories you cherish forever, and the bank reconciliation will still be there when you get back.

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The Role of Technology

In today’s digital age, technology can be both a blessing and a curse. It allows us to stay connected and flexible, but it can also blur the lines between work and home life. As a business owner, it’s crucial we set boundaries and unplug when we’re with our family. And for those of us who work from home, it can be easy to spend more time in the office than necessary just responding to “one more email”. It’s so simple to pick up the phone and start scrolling when you’re watching the Block together and the ads come on, instead of turning to each other and engaging in conversation – I know, because that’s often us too! So let’s try to embrace technology as a tool to enhance your work-life balance, not as a means to tether us to the office and disconnect us from our loved ones.

Prioritising Self-Care

With such busy lives it can sometimes be difficult to remember that to be the best parent, partner, and business owner, we must prioritise self-care. By taking time for ourselves, we recharge our energy and maintain our mental and physical well-being. A healthy and happy you, leads to a happier and more connected family, and a more successful and enjoyable business.

Final Words

On this Father’s Day, let’s celebrate the fathers who have touched our lives and the families they’ve built. If you’re a busy business owner, remember that running a business around your family, not through it, is the key to creating lasting memories, teaching valuable life lessons, and leading a fulfilling life.

As you continue to work hard and create memories with your own children, I hope you find that perfect balance that allows you to be both a successful business owner and a loving family member. Happy Father’s Day to all the incredible dads who make it possible!

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