Calculating Risk

calculating riskDid you ever have one of those heart stopping moments – a blood curdling scream from one of your children?

Zac was a very busy 5 year old boy – always has lots of questions, always climbing on things, always many things occupying him at one time – always leaves his mum with her heart in her throat! On this particular day both boys slept in after a late night at Southbank. They awoke at 7.50am (ahhh, sleep in – I love you) and they were playing nicely together in their room. I was just thinking how nice it was to hear them speaking and playing nicely together, and then, there it was – the blood curdling scream!

He’d been climbing, and had slipped and this resulted in a very nasty graze (nearly broken skin) at the top of his thigh. I rushed to him to find tears streaming down his little face, and him looking at me to make it all better. Although I know he was doing something he’s been told many times not to do, my heart broke a little to see his pain. A little ice, a lot of cuddles, and he’s (just about) as good as new.

Business is a lot like life – we take some risks and fall down, and sometimes we get hurt. It’s important to learn from those falls – Zachery, you can’t climb on something unstable without the possibility of falling and getting hurt. And work out a solution to make sure you don’t hurt yourself next time – Zachery, maybe you can stand on a towel to define your “stage”, and keep your feet on the ground!

By all means, take risks in your business – many fabulous businesses were created after considering and calculating a risk. Learn from the consequences of those risks and you may just discover something wonderful!