Mentoring Prework – Thank You

Thank, You


Thank you for completing our Mentoring Prework. This gives us a good understanding of your objectives and measures of success. Typically we find client’s Objectives, Measures of Success and Value to you to be along the following lines.

Your Objectives:

  • Increase discipline and accountability through an independent mentor
  • Make better business decisions
  • Identify key business processes that will improve profit and cash flow
  • Become more effective at setting tasks and communicating expectations to your team
  • Achieve business best practice
  • Create a forum where directors can discuss burning issues with a trusted third party
  • Increase confidence in your ability to lead and manage your business

Your Measure of Success:

  • Key business processes redesigned and implemented
  • Alignment of directors on shared business goals
  • Improved financial, time and mind freedom
  • Staying on task with your 30 day actions
  • Consistently achieving and exceeding targets
  • Business ready for sale
  • Business best practice in place

Value to You:

  • Improved wealth, profit and cash flow through better decisions
  • Having access to the wisdom and experience of a trusted mentor and advisor
  • Increased business value and readiness for future succession
  • Ongoing discipline and accountability to ensure you remain on target
  • A regular forum for directors to discuss burning issues with a third party

Our Expectations:

  • To treat each other with mutual courtesy and respect
  • To complete any pre-work and provide any other information on time
  • To communicate any concerns or issues as they arise

The Process:

We will facilitate our mentoring sessions via Zoom where we will:

  • Review the results you have achieved since the last session
  • Discuss the outcomes you wish to cover in the current session
  • Discuss the topics and burning issues you’ve identified in your pre-work
  • Decide on the actions you need to take before our next session


We’ll be in touch shortly to book in your sessions and go through the next steps. We’re really happy you made the decision to partner with us in helping to achieve you goals, and we can’t wait to get started!