Wow … I’m in Business

Wow … I’m in Business

Wow I'm in Business

When you started your business, your passion for what you were doing was matched only by your expertise in doing it.  How could anything go wrong? Unfortunately, the reality of running a successful business is much more than being good at what you do; you have to be good at the behind-the-scenes stuff as well.  As you’ve discovered, that can be pretty overwhelming.

Many of the issues that are causing overwhelm don’t earn you any money, but they are essential to the success of your business.

 In my book Wow … I’m in Business! you will discover the vital difference between knowing what you should do, and actually doing it. The easy steps will help you:

  • Refocus on why you got into business in the first place
  • Work out where you are and where you want to be
  • Create simple systems to reduce overwhelm

As a small business owner, I know just how many balls you have to juggle and what it takes to make it business work.

I started as a sole trader, moved to commercial premises with staff, have franchised my business 14 times, scaled operations, reassessed, and now work from my home office. Along the way I’ve discovered what works, what doesn’t and how important it is to share the journey with others. Here’s a little of my journey so far …

Sarah’s Business Journey so far

I had been working full time for nearly ten years when I met my husband at work. I loved my job, so our plan was to have a baby and I’d go back to work while Jason stayed at home and looked after the kids.

After a devastating miscarriage, quickly followed by my sister-in-law losing a five-week-old baby to SIDS, my world was turned upside down.

I started to rethink returning to my job after having a baby, and instead decided to resign so I could set up a bookkeeping business from home.  I imagined my baby happily playing beside me while I got on with my work. Little did I realise how much time a baby took up, and what was actually involved in running a business! I soon realised I had a lot to learn – sourcing customers, incorporating efficiencies into my business, building relationships. I was wearing all the ‘hats’ – accounts, IT, customer service, marketing, operations. And of course the biggest hat of all, being a good mum!

More turbulence followed, with quite a difficult and lengthy time getting pregnant and having babies, the sudden and tragic death of my father, my husband having a massive heart attack, a lack of confidence in myself, the financial stress business brings, as well as the balancing act of work and life.

This was a great learning curve for me, and there have certainly been many road blocks along the way to make me consider giving up on my business. But there have been easy stretches and delightful side trips too, making it all worthwhile. I have evolved as a confident and knowledgeable business woman who can really make a difference to the business owners I deal with. I’ve successfully franchised and expanded my business; grown it to a size I never thought possible; given others the opportunity to get into business for themselves, given mothers the opportunity to flexibly return to the workforce; worked my business around my family; and of course, wrote a book!

My business journey started as a knee jerk reaction to a personal tragedy. I soon learned that it wasn’t good enough to be ‘technically adept’ – I had to be a business person too. Understanding this and implementing it are two very different things and this is where overwhelm can creep in.

Wow … I’m in Business! – the book

I can assure you, I’m nobody extraordinary. However the things I’ve learned over the years of running my business and the systems and procedures that I’ve developed, mean I do have an extraordinary business – and you can too!

I know what it’s like to recognise you’ve got a great business, but your passion and enthusiasm have started to falter. That’s the reason why I put pen to paper and wrote a book about it, and the strategies you can put in place to steer your business in the direction you’d like it to go.

If, by picking up my book and implementing some ideas from just one chapter, you make a difference to your business, I’ll be very happy. And if you read through the whole book and implement many ideas into your business and build on them, I’ll be excited that I’ve been able to help with your business journey.

My passion is seeing business owners succeed in their business, however that looks, and I’m excited to be part of your journey.

Get your copy

If you’re ready to reignite your passion for business and take it to the next level, then Wow … I’m in Business! is the book for you. You can purchase it here.


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