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What’s it all for – remember your why!

What's it all for - working from home

Running your own business is great – but can we have it all?

Do you ever wonder what it’s all for? Do you sometimes think that it’d be easier to just pack it all in and go back to work in the “real world” rather than running your own business? I’m sure many small business owners feel that way at some point – I have too. I’m always super busy – getting BAS done, processing payroll, preparing for end of month or end of year, updating systems for clients, working on my own business. Not to mention all the ‘mum’ and ‘wife’ stuff.

There was a time when my week was so jam packed and I was feeling conflicted about a personal appointment that I had in my diary to go to my son’s kindy for a special “Super Mum Celebration”. I was concerned that I wasn’t fitting in all my work stuff, but I still wanted to go to kindy. So after lots of backwards and forwards in my head, I postponed one client to the following week (luckily they’re awesome and had no problem with that!) and fitted in my other two clients in the afternoon after my morning at kindy.

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Running your own business – evaluate your “why”.

And if I ever wondered what it was all for? Now I know. I had the most wonderful morning at kindy with Zac and it was a treasure to see how proud he was to bring me my “Super Mum Cape” that he’d decorated all by himself. We had a morning of pampering – I had my nails painted, my hands and back massaged, we read stories, played with tickle feathers, made jewellery (I’m getting quite a nice collection now), we had mocktails and morning tea. We sang songs and Zac gave me a special picture he drew of me.

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Running your own business – now you remember why!

So when you’re thinking it’s just all too much and you want to throw in the towel, think about the awesomeness of the business you’ve created, working around your lifestyle, and how much you love it!