Why you should publish reports in Xero

Why you should publish reports in Xero

publishing reports in Xero

Xero is full of reports, and they’re available for you to download at any time. So why should you publish them too? Seem’s like an added job that’s just going to take up time.

Right? Um … no!

We strongly recommend that you get into the habit of publishing your reports in Xero. They give you a snapshot of how things were at a particular point in time that you can later refer back to. This is particularly important when we’re talking about bank reconciliations.


  • Bank account reconciled @ 31/12/2018.
  • Bank account reconciled @ 31/03/2019 and you realise that something’s happened in a prior period and your reconciliation is now out of balance.
  • If you’ve got a published report you can run your reconciliation reports back to a point when the reconciliation was in balance.
  • Now you can move forward and compare what the reconciliation is now, against the published reconciliation reports. It should be fairly easy to find the discrepancy and correct.
  • If you don’t have published reconciliation reports, you’ll need to find the error by going back through your bank statements – and this could take a lot of time if you don’t know what you’re looking for!

The below video shows you step by step how to publish a report in Xero.



So don’t spend hours trawling through bank statements to find one rogue transaction, refer back to your published reports to find what you’re looking for in minutes.

Click the link below to book in a Xero demonistration – if you’re thinking about converting to Xero, or if you’re using Xero and would like a refresher or some efficiency tips.


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