What is cloud accounting

Carbonised invoice books. Barely legible staff timesheets. Colour-coded job sheets on clipboards. Customer details stuffed in manila folders. Rooms full of grey filing cabinets overflowing with clip-lock files. Cardboard boxes bursting with service manuals arranged in rough alphabetical order. Handwritten sticky notes plastered all over the desk…

It’s hard to imagine that this was how many successful businesses operated just a few years ago. And some still do today. But cloud technology has hit like a digital tsunami and the advances that have come in on that wave have revolutionised the way we do business. Making us more productive, more efficient, and more profitable.

What are the Benefits of Cloud Accounting?

  • Allows you to share data with others – no more downloading files, copying data and transferring out of date information.
  • Gives you real time information – no more waiting for bank statements to arrive in the mail and data entry to be completed.
  • Accessible any time, any where – you can access your data anywhere you have an internet connection.


What is an ‘App Stack’?

An ‘app stack’ is simply a bundle (stack) of applications (apps) used in your business. And it’s not limited to financial apps. There are a number of other apps you could (and possibly already are) use in your business for CRM, document storage, ecommerce, payments, point of sale, project and job management, plus many more.

What Financial Apps do we Recommend?

Xero and Dext are at our core and what we consider to be the essential building blocks to your financial app stack. Once we have those in place we build out the app stack specifically for your business needs. We don’t just suggest this technology and send you on your merry way, we take you on a journey – showing you how our knowledge, paired with the correct technology, paves the way for business success.


Xero is for accounting, what Google is for search engines. From paying your staff to better control of your cash flow, to focusing on the future, Xero is online accounting software that lets you do beautiful business.

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Dext (previously known as Receipt Bank) is the perfect, and we believe essential, integration with Xero. No more data entry. No more paper. Just more time growing your business and doing what you love.



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Employing staff is a big responsibility and we take this responsibility very seriously. Managing your team just got a whole lot easier with Deputy.

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Book a Software Demonstration

Want to know if Xero or Deputy are right for your business? We certainly don’t want you to commit to something that isn’t going to be the right fit. We can take you through a demo of Xero and Deputy and show you what’s possible¬†for your business.


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