Submitting Bills and Receipts to Hubdoc

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So that we can accurately capture your expenses and GST, it’s important that we receive your source documents (bills and receipts). We don’t need to sight every document but where we can’t verify the GST/ABN, we’ve unable to make a claim which means you’re potentially missing out on money back in your pocket! Likewise with larger bills (eg. capital expenditure, annual insurance, etc), it’s really important we have a source document so we can allocate correctly.

Please submit your bills and receipts to us via Hubdoc. There is no additional charge for Hubdoc as it’s included in your Xero subscription, and we’ll set it up for you and send you the instructions to access from your end.

When sending through bills and receipts, please send through the Tax Invoice which shows the date, supplier, GST and amount paid – not the EFTPOS receipt. To avoid potential duplication, we don’t need the payment receipt (eg. internet banking transaction, Paypal confirmation, etc), just a copy of the bill.
If you pay for business transactions through your personal accounts or with cash, it’s particularly important we receive those source documents otherwise we have no other mechanism to capture the expense.
If you purchase under finance (eg. motor vehicle chattel mortgage or insurance premium funding) please send us the purchase document and the finance document so we can record correctly.

Some notes regarding submitting via email:

  • Accepted file types are PDF, JPEG, PNG, IMG, HEIC, HEIF, HTML, Word, Excel.
  • If you’re sending through an Excel document, please set the print settings first to all be on one page otherwise it may get split into multiple pages which is difficult to read.
  • You can forward emails with more than one attachment and Hubdoc will identify each document as one bill. If you’re forwarding multiple documents that relate to one bill, they should be combined first. (Ie. expense claims with supporting documents should be consolidated into one document).
  • To save yourself some time, you can set up automatic forwarding rules in your email system.
  • Where the bill is within the body of the email, forward the email and we will be able to identify the information.
  • Where the bill is in a download link within the email, Hubdoc cannot extract the bill. Please download the bill first and attach to the email before sending to Hubdoc.
  • Customer remittances can be sent through to Hubdoc. We’ll be able to identify them as remittances and reconcile the payments through Xero.
  • Supplier statements can be sent through to Hubdoc. We’ll be able to identify them as statements and reconcile the supplier account.
  • Please do not send purchase orders, delivery dockets, marketing materials, etc.
  • Bank statements can be sent to us via the Karbon task that comes through from us at end of month.

Some notes regarding submitting via the mobile app:

  • Ensure all information is captured within the photo – supplier name, date of supplier, total amount, total GST.
  • Ensure the image is not fuzzy otherwise we won’t be able to read it at our end.
You will need to connect 2FA to the mobile app which can sometimes be a little tricky. Here’s a support article which will step you through the process.

Adding notes to documents

When you email a document to Hubdoc, you can add a note to appear in the notes section of the document in Hubdoc. To add a note, in the body of the email use the format #note type your note here #note. For example:
#note This was paid on my personal credit card. #note

Multiple bills in one document

If you have multiple bills in one document (you’ve scanned in bulk), Hubdoc can split each page into an individual document if you add #split in the subject line of the email.

Further assistance

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team for assistance.