software demonstration

Software Demonstration

Want to know if Xero is right for your business?

Want to know how Deputy can solve your time and attendance problems?

We offer a no obligation demonstration where we go through the nuts and bolts and show you what’s possible for your business.


Book a 60 minute Xero demonstration

Book a 60 minute Deputy demonstration


xero setup

Software Setup & Conversion

Signed up for a Xero subscription and not sure what to do now?

Converting your old accounting package over to Xero and not sure where to start?

We can help you with that. Think of the process like building a car:

  1. Building your chassis:¬†Xero is the chassis of the car. The structure that everything is built on. But it’s not much good on it’s own.
  2. Building the body: The conversion and set up process is like building the body of the car. And just like choosing the paint colour of the internal features, we customise the setup for the best fit for your business.
  3. Driving your car: For best performance of your car it’s important to use the correct fuel, choose the right tyres, do regular maintenance and drive to the conditions.

You’ll drive your car a lot, but how many times have you actually¬†built a car? We take care of making sure your software is built correctly. It’s generally not something we train others to do because it only needs to be done once, and once it’s built you can drive it quite comfortably.

Our setup and conversion services are customised for your specific needs, and include full training and ongoing support (just like roadside assistance and after market servicing).


Talk to us about our setup & conversion service


xero training

Software Training

Going back to the analogy of building a car – for best performance of your accounting software, it’s important to know how it works, what you should do (or shouldn’t do), best practice for improving efficiency, saving time and money, and ensuring you remain compliant. Like roadside assistance, we’re there when you need us to jump in and help you when you’re not sure what to do, or something’s broken!


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