Is procrastination driving you to distraction?

Procrastination can be stressful and very unproductive. You may be procrastinating because you’ve got a big project looming that’s too overwhelming, or you’d just rather be doing something else. You may only work well under pressure when a deadline is looming, or you may be too disorganised to get started on anything because you’ve got too many distractions.

Stop the procrastination – change your scenery

No matter what the reason for your procrastination, there are some things that you can do to get back on top of things. One of them is a change of scenery. That means different things to different people depending on how you work. You could pack up your laptop and go and work in your local park or café – but that could cause a whole lot of other distractions! Or you could get your office organised, remove the clutter, get rid of the distractions, and get to work.

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Stop the procrastination – get focused

As a busy mum, I think I’m pretty good at multi-tasking – dinner cooking while I’m hangout out the washing while I’m chatting to my son about his day; cleaning the house with baby in a sling on my back while also catching up with a friend on the phone (thank goodness those baby sling days are gone!). However, multi-tasking in the office doesn’t always work so well. It may just mean that you start lots of things but don’t actually finish anything, or your mind is so unfocused that you don’t do a great job of anything. So decide what task you’re going to work on and just focus on that. You’ll be surprised at how well you can work when your brain is focused on only one thing!

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Stop the procrastination – get organised

It’s great to know in your head what needs to be done, but there is so much other stuff in your head that this may just get lost in the confusion! It’s a good idea to keep a To-Do List, a diary, or a schedule. I work with a schedule. Everything is in my schedule and it’s all colour coded so that I keep on track – bookkeeping work in the office, remote access work (because the time is set), offsite work (because I need to allow for travel), business development (because it’s important for me to know how much time I’m spending working on my business) and personal (because family time is my driver). This keeps me on track and I know exactly what I need to do, what items are flexible, and what time I have free. So if your business is task or project oriented, schedule the work in.

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So there’s my ideas to get you off the procrastination train – which one works for you?