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Faces of business

It’s great that you’re passionate about your business, and you have an amazing product or service. But is your lack of good systems losing you money? Wasting you time? Causing you stress? Without good systems you’ll also spend way too much time putting out fires or reinventing the wheel, when you could be spending that time growing your business and getting your freedom back.

But it’s never too late to start thinking about good business systems. But firstly, what do I mean by that?

There are two parts and they can be explained more here. But some things to get you thinking first:


Financial and non financial business systems

Financial business systems are the easiest to explain, and it can be as simple as starting by putting in some good accounting software such as Xero. I hear a lot of business owners complaining that software is so expensive. However, it’s an essential tool in your business, just like any other piece of equipment, and it can actually help you make more money! 

But setting up your accounting software and having it running nicely shouldn’t be the end of it. What story is it telling you? What can you do with that information? And no matter how good your financial reports look, if you don’t have the back end systems turning the wheels in the background, you’ll always find it’s harder that it should be – in all respects.

Of course businesses can run without systems. But the lack of good systems can mean that your business can’t grow to its full potential, you’re losing customers as quickly as you’re replacing them (hole in the bucket scenario), you’re losing money, and you don’t have the freedom you need to grow. And what happens when you go on holidays or need to be away for a period of time? How will your business cope without you? When you start to analyse your business, you’ll start to discover gaps where improvements can be made. You might find better ways to perform routine tasks, reducing bottlenecks, and eliminating extra steps. There may be holes in your business that good systems can plug. Here’s how your business can look with good systems:

  • You don’t spent most of the day putting out fires.
  • You have more freedom because the business manages itself better with a natural flow.
  • There’s consistency of output so your customers know what to expect.
  • There’s less customer churn and more customer loyalty.
  • The business is more profitable.
  • A systematised business is a sellable business.



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Mentoring and workshops

Behind every great business is a great mentor! We’re an accredited mentor with Mentored with Mark Bouris. Whatever your next business goal is, we’re here to help you succeed. So what is a mentor? Being a small business owner is lonely and hard work. You’re the expert in your field, but may need some help with the business side of things. We’re there with you on the wild ride of business, from inception right through to exit, someone you can turn to for advice and guidance throughout the journey.

Cloud accounting

Carbonised invoice books. Illegible timesheets. Sticky notes plastered everywhere. It’s hard to imagine that this was how many businesses operated a few years ago. And some still do today. But cloud technology has hit like a digital tsunami & the advances that have come in on that wave have revolutionised the way we do business. Making us more productive, more efficient, and more profitable. We’d love to help you revolutionise your business with the right technology.

Rescue work

Many business owners know there’s something not quite right in their file but not sure how to identify the issues, let alone how to fix them. This is nothing to be ashamed of – it can be quite easy to get into a mess when you’re so busy focusing on the rest of your business. Take advantage of our free, no-obligation service and we’ll review your file and provide you with recommendations on what’s required to fix and move forward.


We believe bookkeeping is more than just data entry and bank reconciliations. Yes, they’re important but we think the real magic is unravelling the puzzle and diving deep into the numbers so you can really see where your business is, and help you drive it forward. We take care of all the things that don’t really earn you money, but are an essential part of the success of your business – like the bookkeeping! So you keep doing what you’re good at and we’ll take care of the numbers.

Here are the top 4 reasons you should work with us:

  1. You’re busy, making lots of money, but don’t have any. We can help you make sense of the numbers, and identify inefficiencies.
  2. You seem to always be busy, lots of things on the go, never enough hours in the day. We’ll help you move from overwhelmed to organised.
  3. Getting the right staff and keeping them in a constant struggle. We take care of the paperwork and the payroll, allowing you to take care of your relationships.
  4. You’re overwhelmed with technoloy. It’s hard to know the best technology for your business. We can guide you to make the best decision.


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