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The Mentoring Accountability Sheet is to help you:

  • Gain presence and take the time to reflect on what you have achieved, learnt and what you want next
  • Focus on what is most important now and in the controllable future
  • Keep your key goals at the forefront of your mind
  • Keep yourself more accountable
  • Take more ownership of your results
  • Create a clear test and measure ability of how your mentoring sessions are tracking for you and the business

Send your prework and Mentoring Accountability Sheet to us 24-48 hours before our next session

If we don’t receive your Mentoring Accountability Sheet and any other pre-work within 24-48 hours of our next mentoring session, we may not have time to properly review the information, which means the quality of our session may be diminished. If you do not fill it in at all, we’ll go through it during the session. This means we may not achieve as much as we could have. Please take this seriously, get organised and focused about owning your ROI and the results of your mentoring program.

So how do I use the Mentoring Accountability Sheet?

  1. Full in the past and present sections 24-48 hours before our next session and send it through to us
  2. Fill in the future section during our session, which will form your action steps before our next session

What should or could be in each section of the Mentoring Accountability Sheet?

Business Name and Next Session:

Please enter your business name and the date of our next session.

Results I have produced since the last session:

What little or big wins have you had since our last session? Examples might be – A new or group of sales, a team member does something great (you share it), you got a new deal over the line, you achieved one of your goals specifically, you had a date with your partner, you took a day off to be with your family, etc.

It is easy to get caught up in the negative and things that go wrong, so this is to help you get clear on the great things that have happened to shape your perspective and keep your confidence heading in the right direction.

Things I have learned since the last session:

What have you learned from reading a book we discussed, or from completing some training, or from observing your team or from reviewing your financials or from a presentation you made or some conversations you have had with people since our last session?

It is important to continue to grow, especially as a leader, and this is about you looking to keep doing this and keeping track of your lessons (for you)!

What actions from my 90 day Business Plan do I need to complete within the next 30 days:

We have done the work to create your annual projects in your Strategic plan or Business plan, and you then have broken these down to your quarterly milestones and actions. (If we haven’t done that yet, we’ll get to it so this will give you an idea of what to expect.)

It doesn’t have to be eight things, it could be five or it could be 15 – but these things you type in here will change every 30 days, and are critical actions you have chosen need to be taken to reach your goals.

In order to keep you looking at your quarterly plan at least monthly, we want you to enter in this mentoring sheet (up to) the top eight actions that need to be achieved now and in the coming 30 days. This will show us that you are looking at your business plan, you are using it and you will have a greater chance of focusing on the right stuff in the next 30 days, as opposed to getting distracted by reacting to clients and the team (like in the past).

Remember, whatever we focus on is where we get the results!

What I committed to do in the last session and have completed by now:

Each productive meeting must have two things – outcomes and actions. Our outcome is to help you hit the goals and targets you have decided for your business from your strategic or business plan.

Our sessions together will be working through small or big actions you need to take session by session through a year to achieve what you are going for.

We will hold you to account to these and it is imperative you write what the action is, who is responsible for it, and a date it will be completed by – so you have a clear finish line and person taking responsibility.

Up to three outcomes I want to cover in the next session:

It doesn’t have to be three things, it could be one or two.

You are investing time and cash into being mentored to help you achieve your goals, and so it is important you own your progress and what you focus on.

Some examples might be review and feedback of my cashflows, critique of my marketing, how I handle a tough conversation with my key team member or client, how I implement a new system, how I develop a new product or service offering, how I recruit a new team member, etc.

It is this or these things we will cover during the session!

What do I commit to do before our next session that will help me achieve my goals:

These are the actions we talk about and you agree to take on over the coming weeks until our next session.

Be specific and fill in the each area – what (action), who (will do it), when (will it be started/completed).

These should then be put into your calendar or project management system so they don’t get forgotten about!