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Light Bulb Moment

Light Bulb MomentHave you ever had a light bulb moment?

Working for and by yourself can be isolating. And it can be limiting. There’s a famous saying – ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’. This is very true. If you’ve only got your own skills, education and experience to go by, how are you going to know to think a little differently? Even if you have a team around you, they may have the same experiences and skills and personality as you, so possibly think along the same lines as you so there’s little going outside the box there too.

Get out of your comfort zone

It’s always daunting to get outside of your comfort zone. But believe me when I saw that wonderful things happen there! It’s a place I can stretch my way of thinking. In just a few days, my mind set can go from A, to B, to C – and C is somewhere that is very far from A initially, and I wouldn’t have gotten there without the help of the people I surround myself with.

Surround yourself with like minded business people

So it’s important to surround yourself with like minded business people, and it’s also important to surround yourself with opposites of yourself. For example, I’m fundamentally a technical person. With a clear path of where I need to be, I can efficiently get there through systems and processes. I’m very good at the detailed, nuts & bolts work. I’ve discovered I need to align myself with a creative person – someone who has great vision and ideas, but may not necessarily be great at the finer mechanics of achieving the result.

This is where the light bulb moments come from, and it can be amazing for your business!

So firstly, do you know what your personality type is? And secondly, what type of people are you, and should you be, surrounding yourself with?