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Life After JobKeeper



The past few months have been tough on everybody, particularly business.

Without the government lifelines of JobKeeper, Cash Boost, loans and grants, low interest loans and deferrals, many businesses simply would not have been able to survive.

That lifeline has now ended for many small businesses.

There has been a truckload of information in the past few months and we’ve done our best to keep you informed of the support that’s available to you. And then of course helping you secure it for your business.

We’ve also been there to answer your questions, bounce ideas around, or to simply listen to your concerns and support you.

Here are our top tips to ensure your business gets back on it’s feet, or continues to thrive.

Surround yourself with people who can support you:

We are still here to help you in whatever way we can.

We can assist with putting payment plans in place with the ATO.

We can work with your suppliers to extend terms.

Wage Subsidy

Have data you can trust:

Having good information means you can make timely decisions.

Keeping your accounts so you have complete and up to date numbers at your fingertips.

Think about the future:

Build some cash reserves.

We can assist you with short term and long term cash flow forecasts.

The past few months have been a highly stress and uncertain time for many business owners. We haven’t been immune to that stress and uncertainty, and we thank you for allowing us to be a part of this journey.

As we move into the phase of economic recovery, we’d love to help you reset your strategy and assist you to create a list of priorities.

Some of the things that you may be thinking about could be:

  • How do you get in the cloud;
  • How can you become more digital;
  • How can you continue to thrive in this changing business environment;
  • How can you further “disaster proof” my business;
  • How do you build some cash reserves;
  • How can you improve your systems;
  • How can you continue to leverage your business in these changing times;
  • How can you increase your revenue when people are decreasing their spending


Remember : The Team here at Miss Efficiency are answer your questions, bounce ideas around, or to simply listen to your concerns and support you.

We can help you by setting up a coaching call or talk about a business plan ?   some new project work….

We can go over what you have already got in motion – What were the actions we agreed upon? How can your business plan be progressed?

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