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business mentoring


A mentor can be your ‘secret weapon’ to keep your business focused and on track. Whether you’re starting out or more established, consider us your Accountability Partner.

Being a small business owner is lonely and hard work. You’re the expert in your field, but may need some help with the business side of things. We’re there with you on the wild ride of business, from inception right through to exit, someone you can turn to for advice and guidance throughout the journey.

How can a mentor help you?

Even if you’re working within a team, running your own business can be isolating. Who do you have to lean on in times of struggles? Who do you run new ideas and projects by? Who is holding you accountable? A mentor can:

  • Give you a different perspective to a situation
  • Give you the confidence to implement new ideas
  • Give you a place to explore your new ideas
  • Give you accountability to follow through


We’re proud to be accredited Mentored with Mark Bouris and a 1-1 meeting with us is a great way to get help with specific areas within your business. We offer 2-hour sessions that are dedicated to you and your goals. We can help you with:

  • Starting your business
  • Getting more customers
  • Growing your business
  • Running your business
  • Working with people
  • Finance and money
  • Exiting your business

We want to build a relationship with you

Findng a good mentor is not always an easy task. So we think it’s important to build a relationship with you so we can guide you on your business journey. We’ll help you do this by:

  • Setting measurable goals
  • Not letting you settle or become complacent
  • Sharing personal experiences that inspire and motivate

Whatever your next business goal is, we’re here to help you succeed.


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