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Who Are We – Miss Efficiency Bookkeeping

We Value Our Bookkeeping Clients – You!

Two fruit shop owners were sitting in a coffee shop. One says to the other, “You know, I’ve just gone over the figures and I divided the week’s takings by the number of transactions and I’ve worked out the average customer is worth $72.90 to me. Have you ever worked out what a customer is worth to you?” Bob says, “Yes, about $75,000.”The difference? The first shop owner was thinking in terms of a one-off sale. The other however, knows about the lifetime value of a customer. He figures it as $72.90 x 52 weeks x 20 years – $75,816.00.bookkeeping
We’re that second fruit shop owner. We think of your business as a long term relationship that we build together. We know choosing a bookkeeping subcontractor can be difficult. It’s an area that requires the utmost trust, a high level of skills plus attention to detail. We’re very proud of the fact that most of our clients, from throughout Australia, have come through word of mouth. Think of us as your “outsourced accounts department”.

Every business is different, and every business owner has a different way of doing things. However, when it boils down to it, most owners have the same issues and needs. As outsource specialists since 2002, we’ve streamlined our systems so they’ll fit with yours, so your bookkeeping isn’t the major part of your business — just the necessary clockwork going on in the background.

Unless you’re like us, you probably didn’t begin your business to do bookwork. We gain great satisfaction to start with an endless mountain of disorganised paper and finish with the data entry complete, bank accounts reconciled, reports printed and bound, and paperwork compiled in an orderly fashion to return to you. We understand you probably just like the last couple of bits of that! And if we didn’t love  it so much we wouldn’t be so good at it!

Aside from exceptional bookkeeping, we’re all about developing a great relationship with you.

Bookkeeping in the cloud

bookkeepingOn the technical side, bookkeeping has changed tremendously over the last 20 years. From ledger books (although there are still a few of those around), to computer based applications, to reforms in the tax system, to the introduction of contract bookkeeping specialists and the regulation of the industry, to changes in technology. Bookkeeping now looks very different! And it continues to evolve. With the efficient use of technology, we’re able to be based in one capital city and work for our clients in another capital city, or in remote locations.

Fundamental characteristics of a Miss Efficiency Bookkeeper

  • We’re knowledgeable in relevant bookkeeping legislation and accounting principles.
  • With a little guidance, we’ll become knowledgeable of your business and industry.
  • Consistency and accuracy are important.
  • Ethical, reliable, honest and trustworthy are paramount attributes.

We’re able to analyse your business and implement bookkeeping systems and processes to increase productivity and efficiency.

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