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4 things to look for when engaging a bookkeeper


Bookkeepers were outraged by a rather ill-informed and offensive article published recently by Accountants Daily – 8 things to look for when selecting a bookkeeper to collaborate with. It was directed at accountants thinking about collaborating with bookkeepers. It could also be considered when clients are engaging a […]

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What’s it all for – working from home?


Working from home is great – but can we have it all? Do you ever wonder what it’s all for? Do you sometimes think that it’d be easier to just pack it all in and go back to work in the “real world” rather than working from […]

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Working from home


Working from home – avoiding distractions! As a “work at home mum”, my workplace is rife with distraction – the washing that needs to go into the washing machine, the breakfast dishes that need to go into the dishwasher, the dishwasher than needs to be emptied, the […]

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