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Building a Business Budget


Building a Budget Back to Front Many of us take shortcuts with our budgets by extrapolating from last year’s results, and generally that will give you a fairly good forecast of what you’ll achieve if you keep doing the same things. But what if you don’t want […]

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Top 7 Things to Focus on in 2014

Business Seminar

Here’s my top 7 things to focus on for 2014   Free stuff  Every business is now expected to do a lot for free. In your industry, the business with the most free stuff may scoop the market. People want free apps, free video, free PDFs, free […]

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Get Paid!

get paid, bookkeeping

Don’t work for nothing – get paid! Do your clients pay you when they feel like it? Do your clients not pay you at all? Unfortunately some don’t pay at all before they go into liquidation – a mistake I have made and learned from. But sometimes […]

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Cash flow is king


Cash flow is the life blood of your business! The cash flow of your small business relies on your customers paying your invoices in a timely manner. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen, and it can have severe consequences for your business. So, what can you do about […]

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