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Is Your Bookkeeper Compliant?

Make sure your bookkeeper is compliant with legislation

Is your bookkeeper compliantThere have been recent changes to the legislation surrounding bookkeeping in Australia and BAS service providers. If your bookkeeper is not compliant with these changes, there can be heavy penalties imposed.
  • Miss Efficiency bookkeepers are compliant – professional indemnity insurance through a specialised bookkeeper insurance scheme
  • Miss Efficiency bookkeepers are compliant – minimum level of professional development is exceeded each year
  • Miss Efficiency bookkeepers are compliant – minimum level of working hours is exceeded each year
  • Miss Efficiency bookkeepers are compliant – registered as a BAS Service Provider
  • Miss Efficiency bookkeepers are compliant – current membership of at least one bookkeeper industry association


Be sure to have a qualified and compliant bookkeeper working in your business!

The term “BAS Agent” typically applies when a bookkeeper is engaged to provide BAS services for their clients. Legislation was implemented with a view to provide business owners with protection and security by ensuring their bookkeeper has the relevant qualifications, experience, competence and professionalism to be relied upon to provide this service.

As registered BAS Agents we uphold the bookkeepers Code of Professional Conduct which includes honesty and integrity, independence and confidentiality.

As a BAS Agent we do not advise you or liaise with the tax office on income tax matters. This is the role of a Registered Tax Agent, not a bookkeeper. However, we will work with your accountant and income tax advisors when income tax matters impact on the BAS service parts of your business.

As BAS Agents and as members of professional bookkeeper industry associations, we are committed to providing you with expert service and you can be assured with the peace of mind that we are compliant bookkeepers!

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