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Why you need a BAS pro to do your bookkeeping.

BAS Agent Compliance

You went into business for yourself because you have a passion for – and are skilled at – what you provide your customers. Perhaps you’re in the service business. Or you own a shop (or two). Are you a physician? Do you run an e-commerce site? A lot of hard work went in to building your company; don’t risk it all by trusting a sub-par bookkeeper.

Make sure your bookkeeper is compliant

No matter what type of business you’re in, you must be sure that a registered BAS Agent is handling your all-important bookkeeping on a regular basis. Thankfully, gone are the days when basically anyone with an adding machine and sharpened pencils could call themselves a “bookkeeper,” bumbling along through their clients’ books. Now that the industry is tightly regulated, only a BAS Agent (like Miss Efficiency) can provide BAS services. We:

  • Meet all educational benchmarks
  • Have relevant, real-world experience
  • Carry professional indemnity insurance
  • Fulfil all industry-required Continued Professional Development hours
  • Follow Tax Practitioners Board’s mandated Code of Professional Conduct
  • And much more …

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Admittedly, non-BAS Agents charge considerably less for their services but, as with most things in the business world, you get what you pay for. At Miss Efficiency, whenever we’ve been hired to take over for a less-skilled bookkeeper, and sometimes an employee, considerable time is spent correcting and updating everything to meet industry standards (before we can begin your regularly-scheduled bookkeeping tasks). It just doesn’t make good business sense to pay a BAS Agent to clean up what wasn’t performed correctly from the get-go. Employees can make mistakes, and unfortunately fraud can happen too. As a professional bookkeeper, we have systems and procedures in place to help detect this, and to rectify it. Some examples here.

With Miss Efficiency, you also enjoy peace of mind by not being bogged down with having to know all the nit-picky ins and outs of impeccable – and on time – bookkeeping.

When we’re on the job for you… you have more time to do your job. Check out our services here.

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