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How can we help you

Think you don’t need Miss Efficiency? Think again.


How we can help you

How we can help you

In fact, take a few moments right now to download our no-obligation Bookkeeping Health Check. It’s the fast and FREE way to get helpful feedback from an expert – along with objective, next-step suggestions.


Running your business smoothly and efficiently doesn’t just happen.

You’re already painfully aware of this, because you live it every day (possibly seven days a week). Wouldn’t it be amazing if you no longer had the hassle of the pesky, time-consuming tasks, such as:

  • Data entry and reconciliationsIf paying attention to your business is important, Miss Efficiency is vital.
  • Payroll processing
  • Management of aged receivables and/or payables
  • BAS/IAS & ATO obligations preparation and lodgement
  • Comprehensive financial reports
  • Troubleshooting and/or comprehensive data file audit
  • Working with your accountant


Without Miss Efficiency, you’re wasting money, resources and time.

Bring us on board and be up and running quickly and cost-effectively. Think of all the headaches saved (and time gained) when we set up and manage your ongoing:


Electronic bookkeeping system

Get rid of those paperwork-filled shoeboxes and step up to an easy-to-use electronic system to manage and keep your accounts up to date. We can also quickly train you to run accounting software you’ve already purchased, or we can take care of the whole lot either using our licence or yours.


Payroll processing

It's best to have someone that actually knows what they're doing.Whether you have two or two hundred employees, we handle all the important (and often tricky) aspects of payroll:

  • Preparation and sending of employee payslips
  • Preparing payment files for easy bank uploading
  • Superannuation reporting
  • PAYG Payment Summary reporting
  • Recording of leave entitlements
  • And much more…


Debtors management

How much time do you spend invoicing customers (and then chasing after their payments)? With our system, customers are invoiced on time…and then it’s OUR job to go after your past-due accounts. This is critical for good cash flow – not to mention less-awkward relationships with customers.


Creditors management

We have complete trust in Sarah.Have you ever been late in paying your suppliers? We’ll set up a system so all your invoices are automatically input, on-time payments are scheduled and necessary files are seamlessly uploaded to your bank. Good cash flow works two ways, and keeping your suppliers happy is essential.


BAS & ATO obligations

Dealing with the government can be confusing…so let us stay on top of it for you.


We also keep your business running on track

On top of the procedures, practices and paperwork needed to track your money, performance and profitability, Miss Efficiency provides ongoing, comprehensive financial reports. After all, you can’t make informed business decisions if you don’t have the information in the first place.


Troubleshooting & data file audit

Are your accounts out of balance? Can’t reconcile your aged receivables? Our troubleshooting experts get you back on the road in no time. And if your current system is a complete mess, don’t panic. Miss Efficiency’s data file audit gives you a comprehensive report your existing problems, how we would rectify them and our suggestions to avoid future bookkeeping nightmares.


Contact us or call us on 0402 811 088 today to discuss your bookkeeping requirements.

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