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It is better to have tried and failed, than never try at all

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Mmm … I’m having a bit of a doubting mum moment this morning. It’s the last day of vacation care so the kids are having a party and talent quest. My boys of course wanted to take their guitars – no problem. As I dropped them off, […]

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Preparing for End of Financial Year

Preparing for End of Financial Year

    It’s midway through April and 30 June will be here before we know it! What can you do now that will help with the end of financial year process?   Get your accounts up to date   Failing to keep your accounts up to date, […]

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Electronic Document Storage

Electronic document storage

Is it OK with the ATO? What is the ATO view of sufficient requirements for electronic record keeping of business transactions? A business may choose to keep copies of paper records in electronic form. All business transactions must be supported by the correct records, including any electronic […]

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Employees Who Steal

Employees who steal

How to Protect Yourself from Employees Who Steal   Unfortunately, it happens. There’s an old saying in retail that goes: 10% of employees will always steal from you 10% of employees will never steal from you 80% of employees might steal from you if they have the […]

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Single Touch Payroll

Single touch payroll

What is Single Touch Payroll?   On 28th December 2014, the Minister for Small Business and the Assistant Treasurer announced that the Government will cut red tape for employers by simplifying tax and superannuation reporting obligations through Single Touch Payroll (STP).   Under STP, employers will use […]

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SuperStream is Coming …


What is SuperStream?   Have you heard about SuperStream? If you employ 20 or more employees, now is the time to get familiar with SuperStream. From 1st July 2015, employers with 20 or more employees can use the new Superannuation Data and Payment Standard when making superannuation […]

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What’s Your Breakeven Point?


As a business owner, you’re in business to generate a profit. But before you make even a dollar of profit you need to know how much to sell your products/services for in order to keep the doors open – in other words, your breakeven point. Many business […]

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When Customer Service Goes Wrong

Customer Service

I was recently surfing through Facebook and saw some beautiful clothing that a friend had shared, so I jumped onto the online seller’s page. There were some fabulous items – and also lots of very bad comments from very dissatisfied customers! One customer had gone so far […]

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End of Financial Year is Done – What I’ve Learned

End of Financial Year

As a bookkeeper, end of financial year is a pretty hectic time. We firstly have tight time constraints with preparing and providing Payment Summaries; then there’s the June BAS; and usually there are a number of clients who come out of the woodwork with the past 12 […]

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ATO Audit Processes – What You Can Expect


Cash and Hidden Economy Review and Audits The ATO use a variety of risk indicators to identify businesses for review or audit because of the possibility they may be engaging in the cash and hidden economy. These indicators include results from data matching, comparisons of business information […]

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