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Do you provide ride-sharing services?


What is a ride-sharing service? A ride sharing service is an ongoing arrangement where: The driver makes the car available for public hire The passenger uses, for example, a website or smart phone app provided by a third party to request a ride. For example, Uber, GoCar, […]

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How to survive being a working parent

Working parent

It’s the last day of school holidays – a joyous day for many a working parent! This week I’ve been racing around buying, covering and labeling school books and supplies (not 1, not 2, but 3, yes 3, trips to Officeworks!), buying new school shoes and hats, […]

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What competing in obstacle races has taught me about business

Obstacle Course

Business can be just like an obstacle course. There’s something strangely satisfying about running over 10km through mud, under barbed wire, through creeks that are so cold they take your breath away, over shear walls and through fire. Getting to the end and knowing that you’ve pushed […]

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Why you should take a break from your business

Take a break in business

As a bookkeeper in business, my end of financial year is all about payment summaries, TPAR, superannuation, payroll tax, stocktakes, financial reporting and BAS – repeated 80 times! Suffice to say, July and August are pretty hectic months for me with many business deadlines to meet. This […]

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Top 5 ways to manage workplace distractions


Whether we work from home, or a mobile or fixed office, workplace distractions are everywhere … checking out what’s happening on Facebook, ducking out for groceries, housework, connecting with friends, getting caught up on office gossip, wasting time on trivial tasks when we have deadlines to meet, […]

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Spring clean your business – top 6 tips

Spring clean your business

Spring is a time of new growth; and out with the old and in with the new; and a great time to spring clean! It’s supposedly the impetus for spring-cleaning your home (although I often don’t get that memo) but spring-cleaning your business can happen in any […]

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Being the perfect mum, wife and business woman – whatever that is!

Business Woman

Do you ever wonder what it’s all for? Do you sometimes think it would be easier to pack it all in and go back to work for someone else rather than for yourself? I’m sure many women in business feel that way at some point. We put […]

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Dealing With Small Business Overwhelm

Small Business Overwhelm

Running a small business and a household – there can be a fine line between chaos and calm. Some days small business runs like a well oiled machine. Other days, the machine should have stayed unplugged! There are over 2 million SMEs in Australia. SMEs employ 70% […]

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There’s a Problem With Your Bookkeeper


Is your bookkeeper an asset or a liability? I’ve been a professional bookkeeper and BAS Agent for 14 years. I’ve worked with many business owners in a number of different industries who’ve either never had bookkeepers in the past, and some where I’ve taken over from a […]

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Meet the Woman Behind ‘Miss Efficiency Bookkeeping’

Miss Efficiency Bookkeeping

Sarah Stein is the woman behind Miss Efficiency Bookkeeping. Sarah knows all too well the detours and road-blocks that business owners can encounter on the journey of running a business. And that’s where her passion comes from – seeing business owners manoeuvre around those obstacles and forge […]

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